From the recording Every Day’s Vlenalentines Day


I see the pain in your eyes
The hurt that you feeling
It’s coming from lies that al them niggas was giving ayou
You say that you tired but you always listening
He telling you lies and all it took was kisses
To get you asking him bout who you are
And girl you really passionate bout who you are
I know what you been tackle been through it all
But girl your so immaculate you do it all
And that’s the difference between you and the niggas that you been dealing wit
They did so little to keep you and that’s the realest shit
Ever spoken in your heart I know you feeling it
So let me help you change the shit that you been dealing with
No more struggle, no question of if your nigga been texting these other bitches
Cause your head is on his shoulder he laying right where you living
Early mornings waking up to the sound of him in the kitchen breakfast ready on the stove see him loading up all the dishes
So why not me
I ain’t even bout to lie girl you all I need
All these bitches in disguise girl you all I see
Feel like for me to stay alive girl you all I breathe
Know you iching for a new change
New lane
New vibe
New bae
Two shots
Come ride
New waves
So let me be the nigga of your dreams
Know you feel a little passive it ain’t passive as it seems
Hold up